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Prayer Requests

October Prayer Request

October 11, 2017

Pastor Foreman & Family, Eddie Roper – Health, Carol Barret – Health, Rhonda Botterbrodt – Health, Klaehn Family – Daily Strength, Bro. & Mrs. Briscoe – Health, Mary Wallis – Diabetes – Health, Bobby Gardner – Health Issues (Angie T), Hopkins’ Family – Daily Strength, Glenda Durham’s Kids – Salvation & Unspoken, Cameron Giovanelli – Cancer, Mary Ann Bustillos – Health, Belinda Newman – Health (Debbie Hooker), Betty Stark – Health, Eldon Niblett – Needs Kidney Transplant (Terri), Bonnie Taylor – Health, Dugan Hopkins – Health, Matthew Furan Family – Future Ministry (Pastor), Charles Brown – Health (Terry Brown), Colleen – Pancreatic Cancer (Terri Thompson), Sally Green – Terminal Cancer (Angie T), Ellen Lutz – Health Issues (Gary Stevens), Nancy Sanchez – High Risk Pregnancy (Mario Gonzalez), Zena Kay Scott – Rusty Scott’s Grandmother (Dianne Scott), Lori Meade – Suffering with Rheumatoid Arthritis (Chris Meade), Melody Paredes – Continued Progress of Growth, Brenda Gauldin – Internal Bleeding, Healing (Geri Lilly), Karen Smedley – Brain Tumor & Small Strokes (Lady), Ricky Howard – 5 Years Old, Diabetes (Virgil & Mitzi’s Grandson), Rosie Lozando – Needs Kidney Transplant (Lady), Felicia Johnson – Needs Heart Transplant Soon! (Terresa Foreman), John McPherson – Knee Has Been Giving Out (Anna McPherson), Debbie Unruh – Health Issues & Some Unspoken Requests, Frank  Solansky – Hurricane Victim, Lost House (John S. Cousin), Caleb Gonzalez – Colon Cancer that Spread to His Lymph Nodes (Anna McPherson), Gary Stevens – Trouble With His Lungs (Pam Stevens), Cecilia Vasquez – Back & Shoulder Issues, Hard To Move (Cecilia Scott), Storm Victims/Don’s Sister – Willborns (Geri Lilly), Frances Foreman -Daily Strength (Pastor Robb Foreman), Julie King – Health, Numbness in her Legs (Ray King), Shawn Freeman – Diagnosed with Breast Cancer (Lady), Gary- Still Sick, Breathing Problem, 3 Extremely Urgent Request (Pam Stevens), Julia Willis – 67 Years Old, Needs Peace, Strength and God’s Comfort (James Taylor), Pam Foster – Developed Fever, No Immune System Due to Chemo (Amber Lock), Dianne Scott – More Blood Drives This Month, Need To Make Goal, Shannon Scott – Migraines (Sabrina Scott), Shannon Scott – Revival, Alex – Daily Strength (Tierra Dunn), Ashley – Daily Strength (Tierra Dunn), Vasquez Family – Salvation (Cecilia Scott), Sabrina – Unspoken, Nancy Olaughlins – Cancer Has Returned, October 5th Surgery (Vincent Vigar), Judy Teal – Dad, Health & Healing (Tierra Dunn), Benjamin Netanyahu – Prime Minister – Israel, Katherine Bradshaw Family – Daily Strength (Kay Stanberry), Pastor Mark Stalnaker – Kidney & Heart Issues (Shannon Scott), Mike Hall – Lost 2 Houses and All His Cattle in Harvey Flood (Debbie Unruh), Mabel Morales – Constant Migraines, Going Through Treatments (Matt Solansky), Lee Thompson – Finishing His Master’s Degree & Writing a Thesis (Terri), Jay Bradford – School Work and Schedule, God’s Will and Guidance (Joanne Thames), Arnold Rodriguez – Wisdom to be an Example of Christ, Patience with Customers at Work., Dianne Scott – Work Goals, Unspoken, Health, Children to Get Back into Church, Blood Drives, Terri – Nerve Testing Appointment (Lee), Ramiro Paredes – To get back into church (Anthony Paredes), Britney Soules – For Her Parents To Get Involved With The Church, Mark & Glenda Durham – New People to Attend the Site Church, Dunn Family – Daily Strength, Family Situation (Tierra Dunn), Arnold Rodriguez – Strength To Stand Trials, Spanish Ministry To Grow, Sabrina Scott – Our President to Get Saved & For America, Matthew Furan Family – Future Ministry (Pastor), Ramiro & Luz Paredes – House & Job – Ministry in Midland, John Solansky – Spanish Bible Work & Bible Printing Ministry, Jaziel Madrid – ATV Accident, In Hospital (Tim Thames), David Griffith – Unspoken (Locke Family), Ed Lamb –  Unspoken Request (Pam Stevens), Alejandra & Miguel – Unspoken (Patricia S), Ricardo Soto – Unspoken (Patricia Solansky), Kay McCasland – Unspoken, Joey Durham – Unspoken (Joanne Thames), Dianne Scott – Continued Prayer For Eye, Angie Thames – Unspoken, Cecilia Scott – Special Unspoken, Peggy Lappen – Unspoken, Andrew Scott – Unspoken, Jose & Jorge Munoz – Salvation (Margarita), Jasmine Rodriguez – Healing of Her Back Pain, Betty Robinson – Health (James Taylor), Dianne Scott – Eye Surgery On October 23rd, Jolie Haston – Depression (Virgil Haston), Caleb – Job and Tuition Expenses (Geri Lilly), Off Site Church & Bus Ministry, Our Country, Rain – Midland & Odessa Area, Building Project



Building Needs

October 23, 2015
Pray for our Building Needs As you know Homeline Baptist chuch has been growing leaps and bounds this past year and God has blessed us in many ways.  With blessing comes opportunities and our opportunity is to now find a larger facility that will hold our services and ministries.  Please keep in prayer…

Our Country and the decisions being made

June 30, 2015
We want to stay in prayer for the people saved and unsaved in the United States and for the decisions our political leaders are making during these turbulent times.

Pray for our Teens

June 30, 2015
During summer break our teens have a lot of free time on their hands.  We pray that they continue to make the right choices and follow the glory of God

Pray For The Draught

June 30, 2015
With this years hot weather many of our countries people are without adequate water.  Please pray for God to give places like California the water they need